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A Start of Something Special

Well… Here it is. A simple, yet complex look into my life. As society continues to show me its ugly truth, I’m now more eager than ever to realign my bloodline for success. What had once blinded me has kept me from not identifying with my own truth. The truth is we are all capable of great things. It is not within us to seek less, the world we create around us, teaches us that. This podcast is my way of #speakinglife into my kids and the universe. It’s my way of constantly keeping our gifts in the forefront. By breaking generational mentalities and societies hard knock pressures to keep our gifts on the back burner. It’s the only thing I know I can give that will last a lifetime.

For my very first episode, I decided to have an intimate sit down with my daughter Kaleiah, to discuss my Blog and most importantly how my experiences has affected her personally. This is my first post soooo their were some technical issues LOL. But, go with it. I’m hoping our words touch you as much as they have us. My children are what I have manifested into the world and I will never take their presence or mine for granted. We live intentional and we communicate with love. We are our family’s revolutionary’s of change.

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