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No Love Like Daddy’s

Episode 4 is a special one to say the least. After posting Episode 2, where I expressed my struggles with dating and being able to stand alone. I had several responses from women, from all backgrounds, wanting to express their own battles with relationships and how the absence of their Father’s has caused a downward spiral in their confidence as single women. As daughters, our Fathers are our first image of what a man should be. As women, we replicate that image in the men we seek. But what happens when you don’t have an example from your past to reference one in your future. How do we create new pathways when determining our own worth in relationships…well, by learning to love ourselves first? Accomplishing self-love is the ultimate guide to finding the right love. Besides, how can we seek something we haven’t found within ourselves? In this episode, I was graced with the presence of my Cousin, Brandy (IG: @coachbrandynicole) for an intimate discussion about the absence of love from our Fathers and how we are both learning to fill our own internal voids by taking ownership of our happiness.

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