Self discipline

This journey of accountability is teaching me a lot about myself. I’m seeing some of my weaknesses for the first time and owning them. It hasn’t been easy to say the least but I find courage through the desires of my heart. I trust God’s plan for my life. I also understand living intentionally doesn’t omit me from the hurdles along the way. It’s how I’m able to grow and become the person God created me to be. As I continue to evolve, I’m finding living with intention and having a firm grip on my faith has gotten me thus far and now I’m facing a familiar plateau. For the past 6 weeks, I’ve faced many obstacles. Many of which would have caused me to revert back to my old behavior patterns. The same patterns that kept me stuck for years in unhappy relationships, creating new generational trauma within my kids and without ambition to seek a better life. I see this plateau as the road I’ve traveled most but failed to get through it with clear understanding of its purpose. Now that I’m back in this space, I can’t allow myself to come out of it the same as I have in the past. It’s time to take heed to the lessons I’ve learned and activate the discipline that is necessary for me to come out of this plateau, with the endurance to move forward in my life.

The next chapter requires this of me. Disciplining myself is the next step forward to creating a complete 360 lifestyle change. If I truly want different, all aspects of my life require growth and change. In order for me to get through this plateau in my life, I need the endurance and self discipline. Two things that I haven’t given much time or attention to. But I believe these things will allow me to come out prepared for the next phase of my life. I’m almost 40 and health has always been an uphill battle that I depended on medical professionals to guide me through. Not once, did I ever try to make changes in my daily life to help improve my bodies ability to heal itself or to avoid health problems down the line. I started to ask myself, is this why I’ve always come close but couldn’t quite make it to the goal? Am I really living intentionally if I’m not committing to change as a whole? The discipline required to receive the blessings I’m asking from God is a muscle I have yet to work. In this weeks podcast, I’m making some changes. Starting with caring for my bodily temple no different than I would my relationships personally and spiritually. The true journey starts now.

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