Taking accountability

I made many mistakes in life. Most of which I didn’t consider mistakes until I took the time to consider I may have made them. Often times, laying the blame on a person or circumstance is more acceptable and comforting to our ego. I’ve found comfort is what we seek to avoid taking accountability. In my case, even food has been my confidant in my time of ego brushing. But not any more. I’m learning to look deeper into my own issues and doing what it takes to hold myself accountable and be better moving forward. It’s never easy admitting you may be wrong but I’ve found facing the truth to be more acceptable to my conscience and healing. I no longer want to take a blind eye to the possibility that I could have done something better.

So much liberation can be found in the truth. The weight of it all is lifted and freedom appears. I never thought I needed to be freed from anything. Until I realized the truth in the words, “no one is perfect”. We all have room to grow and learn from our own circumstances. To take accountability for our actions and words. We have the opportunity to be better. To no longer turn blind eyes because our ego craves the “right” stroke. I’m committed to change. Committed to taking accountability. Committed to living a better life.

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