Old voice notes (38th birthday)

Tomorrow I celebrate my 38th birthday and I can tell you now, my life is starting to get interesting. Who would’ve thought it would take 38 years for me to find myself. For me to indulge in the likeness of me. I’ve never felt this way before. I’m free from the world I desperately tried so hard to please. I’ve become a drifter leaving sprinkles of glitter everywhere I go. I’m unapologetically me. I speak up, I raise my hand, I ask questions, I no longer fear to feed my curiosity. I confessed my love to one of my best friends, I’m bossin’ up at work and asking for the promotion instead of waiting to get picked. All my bills are paid on time, robbing Peter to pay Paul was getting old and who the hell is Paul?I’m out here living. My confidence is through the roof and I have no shame from the way I’m loving me some me. Why don’t they teach us this in school? Self love should be a curriculum not some riddle you spend the majority of your life trying to figure out.

Since my last post so much has changed. I obviously got rid of the Shae Chronicles because hell she was never me. That was the person I hid behind and I want nothing to do with her. It’s still all love because I’m here but no need to reflect back on a past repeatedly. I’m moving forward and I have so much to share. My reset has taken me to places I never believed could leave my mind and now I’m faced with all my wildest dreams. I’m a firm believer of divinity and anything is possible. I’m a living testament you can have the life you want, all you have to do is create it.

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  1. kegarland Avatar

    Cheers to finding you, and of course, happy belated birthday 🥳

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