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Denise Thompson

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If you’re here it’s because you’re curious. Something about me has struck your interest and it has led you to want to know more. Who the heck is this person? Right? Well, I’m glad you’re here. When I first purchased this domain my idea was to share my blog. But that only gave people one side of me. Here, you are able to enter into my world through my numerous business ventures. All of which can be found throughout this website (coming soon). My name is Denise LaShae Thompson. I’m 39 and a Mother of 2. I was born and raised in Long Beach, California by both my parents, for most of my childhood. I graduated early from High School, went to College and within my first 2 years found it wasn’t for me. I got my first corporate job at 18 and worked my way up the totem pole to become a great project manager. I worked hard, was reliable and could get any job done. I was considered an asset and thrived effortlessly. Corporate life was a great benefactor to my providing for my family but it was never enough to fill my cup of life. So, I left. I had endured enough yearly reviews by someone who determined what they thought my capabilities were worth. I was done juggling for others and was ready to balance out my own life. Little did I know, I’d find a home in Influencer Marketing and back in the corporate world, where my life as a corporate project manager would soon change. Click for more

Things you’ll always hear me Saying.

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I know that’s right!?!

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I’m doing the best I can.

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You betta throw it…. throw it… throw it… you don’t need no beat you betta hype yo bestie up… aye!!

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